Blush & Beard

Blush and Beard is a small design studio working predominantly with other small businesses. We are entrepreneurial by heart, with big dreams and a passion for design.

Hi! I’m Michelle Townsend, lover of all things pretty and the creative director , designer and wedding coordinator at Blush and Beard.

I am absolutely obsessed with my precious dog (if you follow us on Instagram, he will most likely pop up on your feed). I am also a bit of a perfectionist and a lover of list making and organising. 

Blush and Beard is my baby and I’m grateful to have something that I’m so passionate about.

Hey! My name is Brandon Townsend and I am husband to Michelle and Web Developer/Designer at Blush and Beard. 

Besides having a deep passion for design and a desire to learn almost anything, I am also a full time pastor serving at a local church. 

I am also ‘slightly’ obsessed with our dog…his name is ‘Boerewors’.